Pictured: Me and a gourd-geous pumpkin

Pictured: Me and a gourd-geous pumpkin

About Me

Hello! I'm a science writer and editor living in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

I’m lucky enough to be the science editor for Analytical Cannabis, a rapidly growing cannabis trade publication. As an editor, I publish features, write articles, and manage freelance writers - so feel free to get in contact if you’ve got a juicy story!

As a freelancer, I’ve written science stories for WIRED UK, All About Space, Gizmodo UK, SciShow, and TED-Ed. From the love lives of genetically altered pigs to gorilla obituaries, the stranger the science, the better.

I received my education and training from The University of Edinburgh, from which I graduated with an MSc in Science Communication and Public Engagement, and from Newcastle University, where I earned my BSc in Biology.

When not writing, I’m probably looking for my next pastry while lamenting my last.