Analytical Cannabis

Selected news and features I’ve reported while science editor at Analytical Cannabis


Can Women in Cannabis Break the “Grass Ceiling?”

Ahead of the first Women, CBD, and Medical Cannabis Conference in London, Analytical Cannabis speaks to cannabis CSO Beth Stavola on how to break the "grass ceiling”.


Cannabis Research is Ignoring Women, Says Study

Studies into cannabis' link to psychosis have overwhelmingly been conducted on men and a change needs to be made, according to a new review.


How to Make the Best Cannabis Edibles, According to Your Stomach

New cannabis research could give the industry some food for thought concerning its future edibles ambitions.


Fewer Than Half of Canadians Now Support Cannabis Legalization

Ahead of the country's next wave of cannabis edibles legalization, Canadians are becoming less open to trying marijuana foods, according to a new survey.


London’s First Medical Cannabis Clinic Set to Open its Doors

The UK's first legal cannabis clinic will be able to prescribe for a range of debilitating conditions, such as chronic pain and neurological disorders.


Recreational Cannabis Countries Should Revert to Prohibition, According to UN Group

The INCB call on all governments to stick to the drug treaties that prohibit cannabis.


Chatting Cannabis With Amanda Feilding, the Countess of Psychedelic Science

Analytical Cannabis speaks to the Queen of Consciousness herself about cannabis, campaigning, and creating a leading foundation for drug science and research.


Beyond Bud: Meet the Leaf-free Future of Cannabis Production

A German pharmaceutical company has developed a way to produce cannabinoids in bacteria, and its ambitions are anything but microscopic.


Inside the US’s First Cannabis Chemistry Degree

Marijuana's taking the leap from campus contraband to syllabus subject as more universities set up cannabis degrees.