Newton was a scientist - but is Hollywood brave enough to show that?

With the announcement of an Isaac Newton action/adventure film, Hollywood’s tradition of misrepresenting scientists has now become as fixed as a Newtonian Law

When you picture the one of the greatest scientists and ‘father of physics’ Sir Isaac Newton, what do you see? Probably an elderly man, sitting beneath a tree, rubbing his recently bombarded, ridiculous wig? Well, Hollywood apparently sees something quite different. Following the announcement yesterday, Warner Brothers will soon begin work on their latest historical adventure-thriller: “Principia”, which will centre on a young Isaac Newton’s hunt for a mysterious criminal in 17th century England. Cue dramatic shots of Newton foiling his nemesis using only the force of gravity (and a suspended piano), all after quipping to his soon-to-be fallen foe, “STOP! In the name of the first law!”

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